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I started bowhunting whitetail deer at the age of 8 with strict rules from my father David Draves which started Draves Archery in 1986. I was taught it was only acceptable to shoot archery using a peep sight, and the reasoning was to keep as much light into the eye as possible. 

Growing up in the Archery business many things have changed and evolved. 
One thing that seemed to stay very much the same over the years was the

Kisser Button. Over the years the bows became shorter,  the string angle became sharper and the traditional kisser button seemed more and more a pain in the lip. I did

not foresee the bows getting any longer and all I ever shot was a Kisser button without a peep sight and my mouth was getting pretty sore about it.

So the fall of 2008 I decided to make a change in the archery world with a Kisser Button that would be a pleasure and not a pain in the lip. I simply added a curve to it and eliminated the large slit that many of the other Kiss buttons shared. The curve accomplished a extremely smooth departure from the archers lip. Similar to adding a ramp to a set of steps and pulling a dolly over it. Once I got in my first ones I knew that it would be a great success and was surprised of the comfort it had a full draw and during release. Instantly I knew I developed the most comfortable Kiss Button and the market the Komfort Kiss was the new revolution to kisser buttons. I was awarded a design patent in 2012 for the unique design my product had from the competition.

Jessy Draves Blue Wildebeest
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